Settle In

Wow! Since becoming a mother, it’s always a toss up between doing something productive while Wes sleeps or sit on my phone and play Disney Emoji Blitz (ridiculous guilty pleasure) and zone out my brain. Today I chose to write a blog post to catch you up! Feeling proud of myself.

We are officially in our little rental duplex in South Lake Tahoe. Two bed/one bath with a modern kitchen. The marina is walking distance as well as the upcoming Whole Foods! Big brand for a small town. My mom was here for the past month helping us settle in and honestly give us a small break from doing every task with Wesley.. I’m very grateful for that. Now I’m home alone while Nick works and trying to remember what my groove is! One thing is for certain, I make it a point to go outside every single day. Because I can and because there is so much to explore. Even if it’s to take Oli for a small stroll around the block, at least I can check in on my favorite sunflower spot or see if Oliver will notice the squirrel again. It’s so refreshing and all brand new.

13Mementos is getting a refresh! It’s taking longer than I expected, but that’s ok! I’m not being too hard on myself about it because my desk is so unorganized that I’m just letting myself take my time with it! Plus, one of my closest and long time friends, Garrett Ervin, is drawing up several ideas for my new logo. I’ll probably end up using them all for stickers or pins! I have a very good idea about how I want to refresh and plenty of new pin ideas, one of which is already sitting in my living room ready for the holidays! Very excited about that!

On top of that, the Christie family is starting a new endeavor! I’ll be posting more about that with a lot of behind the scenes details, but we are so excited and we hope this time next year we will be booked up with plenty of weddings and parties! It will be very sweet! (wink wink)

Lastly, balancing everything from moving away from all of my friends and family, to staying home full time with Wes for now, on top of moving and organizing our home again, on top of my ears and nose being totally clogged from a sinus infection this week, it’s been a lot! So sometimes something as simple as a blog post can be skipped for months and I sometimes feel so guilty for that. But, I’m learning to stay grounded and remember that I am so grateful for all these opportunities, especially being able to be so present for Wesley who really reminds me to smile and be happy even in the down moments. He can snap me right out of my slump in a matter of seconds with his innocent smile. I am beyond grateful for that. Plus, I can’t praise social media enough to help me stay connected with my friends! I love texting people and catching up! I may not respond as quickly if I’m feeding Wes or getting him ready for a nap, but I always respond as soon as I can! I truly miss everyone but I’ve had my best friends live in Germany, LA and Austin for years, so I know what it takes to make that little extra effort to text back, no matter what time it is.

That’s all to really update! Oh! Of course, I’ve been very busy with my photography! Figuring out ways to bring my images to your home too! Here I posted a few of my favorite flower pictures from my walks with Oliver! You may have seen a few on Instagram! And, just like that Wesley is crying out from his nap! Perfect timing. I hope to continue to update on my blog especially when the snow comes!!! I’ll have a lot to say about that and hopefully no more colds for the rest of the year! I noticed I’ve had 4 postpartum sinus infections, so I’m thinking I need to up my game in vitamins. Thanks Wesley! HA!