February & March

Hey hey February and March!! You went by so fast! Thank you to everyone for their input to help finish my "30 Before 30" list! I totally finished creating the list and now it's all a work in progress! During this year I'll provide photographic proof to document my little journey! Keep a look out for the updates this year!! I'm already pretty close to finishing a few of them! 

Since I've been tracking the year of 2018 a little bit more closely, it's really funny and interesting to see that I am definitely a Spring/Summer kid, even though I swear to love the Fall/Winter more! I love the idea of being cozy and warm under blankets, eating all of the warm food and drinks, but dang. I totally come alive with long days in the sun. I could drink my iced coffee all the time, eat pineapple all day, wear easy loose clothing with my sandals and feel so happy reading or drawing all day! Way more active. I'm saying all of this, because I can tell you that I have so many more creative ideas brewing for 13Mementos and to help move along with my "30 Before 30" list. Plus, I've added going on at least 30 hiking trails before turning 30, so the floral photos will never end on this journey, of course. 

Now for the photos! So much has happened in the February and March, so I'll post my favorites from these adventures! I went on my first hiking trail in Red Rock Canyon with my friend Jessica, who came to town from Italy, went camping with my best friends in Trona Pinnacles, and I have been really making more efforts to at least walk around neighborhoods as often as I can, whether in Echo Park or in Las Vegas or wherever!