This is 29

The weather in Las Vegas has been the best weather we've seen in a long time. Cloud coverage all day, rain on and off, cool temperatures. Could not have asked for a better birthday week, especially being off 3 days in a row to enjoy it.

I've decided to post more photos this year, maybe with little to no description. I'll be tracking my last year in my twenties a little bit more closely. I've made a list of "30 Things To Do Before 30" and can't wait to complete the list! Some are a bit more extravagant, such as going to Disney World and others are a bit more simple like, paint a self portrait. I've found journaling (I'm on my last year of my 5 year journal. I'll have a blog post about that as it gets closer to completion in July) and just more writing and photo documentation, has been my favorite way of creating personal art. I'll continue to post and share here on my blog as well!

And, lastly, I've been able to practice more gratitude in my life. It's very easy to just feel happy about your day, but it's even more rewarding to say it out loud what you're actually grateful for from that day. Even more rewarding when you've felt that it wasn't your best day, and to still find something to say "I'm grateful for..." really changes the feeling of your night sleep. 

Finally, here are some photos from my 29th birthday. All of these were taken on my phone