Artistic Struggle

I have to admit, I've been feeling so restless with my actual art lately. It's mostly just the idea of not being fast enough or finding more places to display it! The problem I have most of all, is I love to try everything, so therefore I have so many little things that all piece together for the same "topic" or "subject matter" but no where to piece it all together in one open place (besides my little art space at home)

A dream I've always had is opening a gallery/shop that would be successful enough to just have artists constantly come in and display their art for free. The struggle of buying space or dishing out money to just enjoy the moments of others enjoying it or analyzing it makes no sense sometimes. Where does the line end from someone admiring work and willing to pay for the cost of effort and creativity vs. just enjoying some damn art for conversation sake. 

Don't get me wrong, I support local artists constantly and I love sharing ideas, even among my friends. Of course I create art for myself, but I also love seeing everyone else engage with it too! It gives me energy to keep going. I'm assuming it would be similar to making/watching a film. Of course the director is making it for themselves, but they enjoy the audience reaction even more.

All I know is that this blog post is a bit of a rant, but it's also a small reach out to anyone out there reading who feels the same. Or, would want to collaborate together. Or, even just sit in a coffee shop in Las Vegas soon and just create with me. 

I've already been having so much fun with my siblings as we've taken it upon ourselves to take turns and give prompts to help us inspire us to create. The current one is "Get on your horse and ride!" I encourage you to submit your own piece of art to me if you make something from this prompt! And, I also encourage following @CollectiveSigh on Instagram for some inspiration of just creating and displaying for free! Plus, one day, I hope to have any type of my art in each and every one of your homes. That would make me the most happy. 

All of this came to mind listening to Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday, while just spontaneously taking photos of my paint brushes and paint water. It truly is the artistic struggle that I'm ok to never spin out of.