Left My Heart In New York

Oh goodness! This Spring season has been quite a transition period for me and my brand! With still so much left to do, I always find myself to be the most relaxed and comforted going through photos from a previous trip, editing them a bit and post them on here. 

Looking back on my trip to New York with Nick and my best friend Joy, it's pretty easy to say that New York is the most photogenic place I've ever been to. It's taken me so long to go through these particular photos because I had so many to choose from that were my favorites! The best part is that it was a surprise trip from Nick to take me to Kleinfeld's and try on wedding dresses! I've seen practically every episode of "Say Yes to the Dress!" and it wasn't looking very possible to visit before the wedding. But, luckily Nick knew exactly how to make everything perfect and even invited my best friend Joy to stay in the Air BnB with us so I wouldn't go shopping alone. SIGH. I know. Very romantic! It was a magical quick trip and I feel so grateful about it every time I look back on the year I was engaged. 

Ultimately, I know every time that New York is where I'll always leave my heart. I've said since I was a little girl that New York would be the place, and even though it may not be "home" in the future, it sure does take my breath away every time I go and I find new things to fall in love with over and over.