Songs & Sprouts

I have been excitedly woking on rebranding myself and my Etsy shop and what it means to me. I have an amazing mentor named Prince and he's been helping me process what I want from the things I create.

And, the answer is simple. For you to choose something from me, to own it and have it mean something for you. 

So, while I continue to work on that, and more will be announced before the summer, here's another small snip-it of what that may include.

Introducing: Songs & Sprouts (A selection from "Thirteen Mementos") 

The John Wayne - Little Green Cars

Advanced Falconry - Mutual Benefit

Lost in the Light - Bahamas

I know I am not alone with an obsession of writing down, repeating a loud, or even dreaming of music and the lyrics. I also have an obsession of drawing plants. Some realistic, most not. So, together I came up with "Songs & Sprouts" as a way of expressing these two things together. All hand drawn on 3x5 plain index cards for that tiny space in your home or office. The best part is that these lyrics have hit me so hard that I always have an urge to write them down, but it's a secret as to why they hit me so hard..and, it will be a secret to me too if you own one and give it meaning for you. That's what "Thirteen Mementos" is all about. 

I know it seems so vague right now, but believe me it will make sense. I told myself I would make 2017 a year to conquer, and I'm doing just that. With the longer days of soon-to-be spring,  I continue to become so inspired by the sun light in helping me "sprout" up as well. I hope you keep following along and as always, I appreciate your support!

Want to own one of these three? Contact me at