Calm Yellow

With every changing season, comes contemplation of where you are in that transition. Luckily, this season, my work life had some changes and my Etsy shop is still always going through changes as I add a variety of new colors to add to my collection. That amount of support from my closest friends and family has been incredible and really gave me the stability that I needed to understand that my path is still moving in the correct direction. 

It's interesting with these particular photos. I love how much color and vibrancy the leaves give off to me, but it was on a day that came with extreme meditation. Nick and I went up to Mt. Charleston the day after the Route 91 shooting in Las Vegas and tried to surround ourselves with something we could understand. Because the news had been so shocking and I felt totally shaken that it happened in my town. Where I was born and raised. Where I've been on every major street and know the people of Las Vegas have always been a better community then it's given credit for. And, on this day, I just needed to be with nature to help meditate on why such horror could be brought to a city that I love so much. Time has passed and it became obvious to the whole world that the Las Vegas community is exactly what I've always said it incredible and filled with so much love and strength. And, it's interesting because I feel like the entire town transitioned through this season as well. And more importantly, it put even more value on the ones I love and feel incredibly lucky to have amazing friends and family to lean on for support. 

I hope these photos can bring a sort of calm to you too today and I hope you are able to count the little wins today as being major. I've found that a new habit of writing down my little wins through the day and saying "thank you" to the universe has really helped me heal and be grateful for everything positive in this world that can sometimes feel like nothing but heavy energy. are my photos and I really do love these so much. Bringing out the entire feeling of fall in these yellow and orange leaves makes me very happy.