Boy, pushing through 2016 was rough. A lot happened in 2016 and most people only try to remember the negative. While it's easy to list off those negative things, it's almost humorous to ask people what good came from it? So many people focused on choosing to keep reminding me (us) of the scary/sad situations, but what if we didn't mention those? What really happened in 2016 that was good for you? 

I got married. I started a new job. I moved in to a rental home that straightened me out quick to be a real adult! I saw almost everyone in my family and I am so grateful for them (all the ones who came across the world especially). I've grown every day in my art work and my eyes have become even bigger to what inspires me. I started a new journal (in addition to my Five Year Journal, which I'm on year 3 of 5) where I choose to write down dreams that have a major's a "no pressure" journal, just to only write the date when it happens. I've seen so many films and read so many articles. Finished a few books this year which is more than the books I read in 2015, a.k.a. almost none, which means I followed through with my New Year's resolution, that's obviously extended to 2017.  I fell in love with my cameras again and stopped trying to trade them out for something new all the time. I had my first photography showing. I had quite a few Etsy sales, despite my lack of marketing..(another extended 2017 resolution.) I cut my hair. I cried more out of happiness than sadness. I watched my favorite band Coldplay perform with a few of my favorite people, including a new friend I met this year. I missed a few people from the past and extended those thoughts into actions and finally caught up with them.  

The list can can go on.

The year 2016 has definitely changed me and I walk into 2017 with one word: Conquer. 

I admit, while some things MAY be bad in the near future, I'm ready to stand tall when the time comes. But, in the meantime, I'll continue to push through and prepare myself to conquer whatever lies ahead. 

Heck who knows? Maybe I'll write more this year than ever before! The only person holding me back is me. 

With my birthday coming up in 5 days, I am ready to conquer whatever lies ahead and beat out whatever obstacles there are, including the ones I may have built myself.