Neon Life

I had the pleasure of being asked if I had any photos from the Neon Boneyard here in Vegas for potential printing in an office. Obviously as a native Las Vegan , of course I did! But, the kicker was, if I had any in black and white! That's where it got a tricky! Black and white photos for all those amazing colored signs?? One of my few first "public" posts of any of my photography was from the boneyard, but all in super bright colors! So, this task of going back and seeing what I could edit into black and white was quite an eye opener of how much I've grown already as a photographer. The photos were exactly the same from the original time I went (which was a few years ago) but you could see where my "macro" eye was developing. 

If I had to give a tip to any photographer out there, phone photo or real camera, is to always go back! And, I don't mean just #TBT, but really go back and edit it again or even for the first time after a couple months/years. It'll be amazing to see what you discover again in the same photos. 

And, just for kicks, there's this one in color that I couldn't convert! I loved the colors too much.