Little Girl Blue Spoke To Me

It's almost 1:30AM and I've felt inspired to help anyone who is looking for courage. We come from such a place of hiding behind our phones or keeping secrets even with ourselves. Admittedly, I'm writing this after coming straight from a 60's documentary about Janis Joplin. For whatever reason her short life resonated with me in a lot ways, despite almost hating her screaming voice in every song..ha! I can't change my feelings towards that, but what I can understand are her lyrics. And, her upbringing of always feeling different and what to do with that energy. 

I can tell so many people around me have been feeling so hurt or angry in a lot of ways that seem so out of our control, but what has happened to speaking up? Where are the leaders that the 60's had? Was it all just liquid (or trippy) courage? Maybe. But, damn, a lot of those people at least said something. Called for a real change. Not because they felt like they needed to say something just to be right, but to actually encourage peace. And love. 

Can it only be left to the creative world to speak up? I don't believe so. Not anymore. I'm proud to see more conversations about our differences and I hope to see more and more people become inspired like I do every day to find my opinions, sort them out, and speak up. With courage. And, not to just be right, but to actually promote what's good. So, believe me, I'm here to take your hand and step forward together.  I know I can't solely change everything in my world to make it better, but I can start finding more courage to speak up. And, maybe hiding behind my laptop is a small step, but I'm ready and willing to keep the momentum going with you too. 

"Sometimes I feel so happy. Sometimes I feel so sad..linger on your pale blue eyes." -Velvet Underground

"And my little, oh, girl blue. I know you're unhappy, ooh ah, honey I know, baby I know just how you feel."-Janis Joplin