If It's Not Enough

I've been thinking more and more why I may sometimes hesitate to post pictures more frequently on my blog, beside the amazing & epic adventures I go on. And, in short I think I figured it out.

I'm afraid my reader will think this girl is so weird. 

Now, that's not to sell myself short, because obviously if you knew me, I super embrace my weirdness in person. But why can't I let it go and show in my photos? To keep it honest, I do not use Photoshop, so I love having the viewer be more curious about how I did it without extreme photo editing software..But, this has been my unanswered question, until tonight. 

Every time I go into a museum and look at all of the greats of the past and present, I see myself in their thought process and completely fall in love with the vulnerability every art piece has sitting on the wall, waiting for the entire world to judge. Even the worst critiques can seem so harsh and cruel but always so honest, and ultimately the artist put themselves out there for that. And, that is what I'll start embracing. 

So, firstly, I had all of this come to mind just photographing at home. Then, I wirelessly transferred my images to my phone, edited it with my favorite photo app, and wirelessly transferred them back for this blog. And, that's when I discovered, I'm done trying to find "perfect". I'm ready to post my weird and imperfect! And, I'm most especially ready to print more and display my vulnerable art for the world to judge, happily.