Little Bits Of The Moon

A quick trip to Wetlands Park in Las Vegas will give any photographer a spark of inspiration! Kyle and I went for a quick photo day and I wasn't sure what I'd come out with.. I had no expectations. Maybe nice portraits of Kyle? of myself? only big landscape photos? ....but, no to all three! I walked out with my favorite style again and got lost in my macro lens.

I imagine someday to have a gallery of my macro photos from around the world, in which I would know where I was and where I was standing at the time, but no one else could guess strictly from the image of a leaf or flower. It's like a secret I can choose to share or not and let the viewer run wild with their imagination. There is something very exciting about that, and I very much want to keep growing that idea! 

Just one photo really stood out for me to leave it in color. They remind of me falling colorful feathers..