Greek Dreams

I've been finally going through my photos from Greece and I can't seem to express how much I loved being around a group of people who can just let loose and not be so conscious of what they may look on camera, but just accepted that I was photographing whatever was naturally happening. There was so much to take in and so many stories that will be cherished with me forever. All the way from the unique food we ate, to seeing old buildings that just feel like they have stories to tell, to having a dinner with my friend James singing on the top of his lungs "Happy Birthday" to me because I was greedy and wanted more dessert, even though it wasn't my birthday! He's an opera singer, so it was just an amazing moment that made me turn so red. Ah! So many memories, and despite not seeing or even talking to these people every day (except Rachael of course) the trip to Greece will live up to be one of the best memories ever. 

I edited the photos just on and off according to what the photo is giving me. Some of these moments just seemed so surreal that it's hard to edit realistic colors with them. And, at that point, my creative side was just so cracked open, I don't really care if they could look better with their natural colors, this is just exactly how  I see the moments. We stayed at a beautiful AirBnB in Athens and just had the most amazing time on the rooftop the apartment offered us. A little bit of wine and a large imagination, anything can come to life with our laughter. We watched a thunderstorm over the hilltop of Acropolis and it was truly a dream come true. Plus, I have so many on my phone, I'll just continue to "Throwback" on my social media what Greece can really look like with the colors. 

Hardly any editing on this photo. This was exactly the view we were able to to experience. The colors were this beautiful. 

That's all I'll post for now, but this was just to give you a quick idea of what that trip was like. Plus, there was so much time spent in/by the ocean, I didn't bring my camera in case of the sand! But, this last picture was the inspiration for my new project I've been working on. Being able to show my blurry point of view (without my contacts or glasses) in life sometimes is something I've found very fascinating. Stay tuned!