Adventure Part One

Usually when I go on a big trip, in my head I already know what photos I'll be uploading and editing as a nice big post on here! To my surprise and excitement, it's waaaay more photos then I expected! At least during the editing process, it helps me narrow down some photos and eliminate some that aren't completely necessary, but this time I just keep editing and saying to myself, YEP. Keep! So, I'll try and break this down as easy as possible. I flew to Europe to visit my best friend/sister Rachael and together we visited Munich, Füssen, Prague, Berlin, Athens and Mykonos! For the first half Rachael had horrible bronchitis, but she came along like a champ and we walked for miles and miles around Europe with extra water and breaks in between to help her breathe! It was tough for her but mostly a beautiful trip together as best friends. And, as usual I'll let some of the pictures take you on the journey rather then my words! I took so many photos with my 70D and my iPhone 6, but I'll try to break it down with my DSLR first, and my phone photos for the last post! I have to admit, I have a million stories to share, but I won't take the fun away from meeting up to get coffee or something in person! 

Rachael's view from her little apartment. Amazing building.

That's it for now! These last bits were on the bus to Prague which will be Part TWO! I really hope these photos give you more of the feeling of actually being there and you coming up with the story of what could've gone on during that moment!

In the meantime, I have to announce TWO BIG THINGS as a sidetone from my Europe trip! 

1. I got ENGAGED! Nick asked after a beautiful day of going on his amazingly planned scavenger hunt with important people and places that have meaning to us and of course I said YES! It's so incredible the time and effort Nick put into setting up this special day with my two best friends, Matt and Rachael, to go along on the journey with me! I am so lucky and I am TOTALLY taking advantage of showing off my ring while calling Nick my FIANCÉ! The time of being engaged goes by so fast, so I make sure to wake up and really embrace this new label while I still can! Add me on Pinterest of course!! I have a whole board all set up! 

2. We have 2 kittens in the apartment now! We adopted siblings named Agatha & Zero (named after the Grand Budapest Hotel film!) and they are double trouble with such different personalities. I have to admit I miss Twiggy more then anything in this world. I still cry and probably will never stop crying over the loss of what was truly was a best friend/companion in my life, especially with these big life moments that I envisioned with her being's a dark and sad spot that is hard to talk about in any social setting and I've chosen to share and need help with from my closest family and friends, but it's amazing how much love Agatha and Zero has already given me and has helped me open up to something special in my life again.. I am so happy they're bringing warmth into the home and complete laughter to us between Agatha (the tortoise shell) thinking she's a Cirque performer trying to climb on everything and Zero (the pale blonde) who is a complete love bug, but hates to admit it! 

I know this is so much at once, and I love that I have a place to share these things, but I most especially love sharing my photos with you. Because photography is forever what is most important to me, and I really am so grateful to have these moments that don't always need a story to say along with it..the picture shows enough!