Hello Nessie!

Nick and I went out for another adventure again, and this time it was for his birthday celebration! Lake Tahoe was calling our names and boy did we love it. The drive was fairly long again, but once you get up more north, it starts to become way more scenic and beautiful!

Surprisingly I didn't take too many pictures this time around but we had so much fun that I am happy for the memories.  Lake Tahoe has such a strange feeling being right on the border of California and Nevada. It literally has a yellow line that separates the two states, and on one side you have 3 casinos with their neon lights and open bars all night while the other side becomes immediate surfer/green trees/all natural vibe California style within 10 feet from each other. I personally loved the cross between the two and it felt like home on either side. Plus, the mix of tourists that visit...You know who is from Nevada and who is from California. Such a great variety for people watching of course, but everyone was definitely taking it easy by the lake side and enjoying the warm sun.

Nick of course was the main part of our trip and it was his first time here! (Mine too, but enough about me!) Nick and I definitely are observers. Surveyors. Basically, not the extreme hiker. So, when we decide to rent bikes for a couple of hours, take casual strolls around the trees and lake side, and eat ice cream to end our healthy kick, believe me when I say that's the perfect date day for us. I told Nick to basically give me his perfect plan for this trip and I will try to accommodate them! First thing, no camping. WHAT! But, I guess I understood the logic behind it. Considering how hot it was, the tent life is not cute, plus who doesn't want to shower and feel fresh for their birthday? So hotel living it was! From there it was spent pretty much every other second outside. And, I have to say, the Gondola ride up the mountain for the full view of the lake is 100% worth it! The entire ride had incredible views and makes you realize how precious the blue Lake really is. I'll let the photos do more of the talking, but it was so refreshing to have some water near us to always have easily accessible when we wanted to cool down and soak up the sun!