Trips Before Trips

I have too much to share and not enough speed to type all the words in my head! Thankfully as usual I take plenty of pictures to do all the talking for me. Nick and I went on 2 very spontaneous trips recently! First, The Great Basin National Park and then to some mini gypsum old mine on the Arizona/Utah border!

For Great Basin, we realized pretty quickly it was more about the journey then the destination. We saw a lot of the Nevada desert while driving on the Extraterrestrial Highway which is the closest you can come to Area 51 without having an actual job there..of course we stayed at The Little A'Le'Inn which was creepy at first driving in so late, but immediately became very hospitable and cozy. In the morning we had great breakfast and loved the Area 51 theme gift shop! Then there was the looong drive where we saw plenty of cows and briefly drove through the small town of Ely, NV.. then, finally we made it to Great Basin! This National Park is known mainly for having the best opportunity to see the night sky at it's full beauty. Unlucky for us (mainly me and my camera!!) we went during a nice windy & cloudy storm. I'm pretty sure the tent was going to fly away and I definitely couldn't sleep without thinking we would wake up in some flood or that I would get electrocuted with my camera in hand. All very dramatic, but possible in my cinematic mind. I sadly didn't get one single night sky shot due the all the cloud coverage.. On the bright side, I read through most of my book (The Andy Cohen Diaries which seriously makes me laugh out loud so much since I'm secretly a big Bravo TV fan) and was able to wake up safe and sound to enter my first cave!! That was very exciting and I, surprisingly, did not get claustrophobic at all! Finally, we were able to walk around in some sunlight and I became obsessed with the large dandelions! I don't have a photo to show the scale, but believe me they were as big as a fist! I was amazed they made it through the night and very happy to have brought my macro lens. 

Here are some of the photos I took on my camera and phone while on the road and out walking around! 

Borrowing this photo from Nick's phone! Showing off some sass! 

Look at this cow. He knew what was up. He obviously owns the place, and I am ok with that. 

Just endless photos of the road to emphasize how empty and loooooooooong it is!!

Another borrowed one from Nick's phone! 

Trying different poses this trip was my new thing..So far I love it. Borrowed this one from Nick again!

A little exaggeration of the cave colors, but you get the idea! It's a completely different planet underground! 

Dandelions really might be my new favorite flower to photograph. I'm obsessed. 


And, finally the little trip we made to the border of Utah/Arizona! It was a small map I found on Pinterest with a secret spot with no official name to gather up some crystals! It's definitely worth the drive. They were millions all on the ground and if you wanted, you can chip away from the dirt yourself! I loved it for some of my crafts and will definitely be taking the trip there again when I run out! 

And, that's it! Next up! Lake Tahoe for Nick's birthday, then finally GERMANY!! I feel so lucky to be able to travel around..I've been really taking it serious to live for the memories and adventure. And, thank you for always following along!