Under Water Into Space

There are these plants outside my apartment that have grown and died and grown again, and I can't keep my eyes off of it. If you follow along, I've posted the leaves of this plant before and with the flowers that appear in the spring, you would never guess it was the same plant. It blooms these weird, funky yellow/red flowers and they look like they belong straight out of a sci-fi film. This plant (and someday I'll find out the name of it) has been inspiring me about something at least once a season now. Once again it proves that things change and yet stay the same simultaneously no matter what is surrounding it. I think it was placed in front of me for a reason, so I'm just going to keep interpreting it's energy.

It's interesting to see how I have been coping this past month with the passing of Twiggy, because some days I can't do it. To be honest, I cry in the morning, cry alone at work, then cry to sleep. Then other days I wake up with some sort of brave exterior and a move on through the day trying to remember that time will heal all and that I can do this. I can have a memory and feeling towards something that is no longer here and it's valid and forever cherished. I have on and off days and even some of my closest friends will either witness someone who is barely hanging on or toughing it out, because that's life. And, I'm not sure which one will appear day to day. I know life will continue and it will definitely get easier with more good days in between the bad ones. I'm excited for that aspect. And, I'm willing to embrace it with all of it's unique changes.

So, today I was inspired by the rain and the beautiful clouds surrounding the sunset, but I was mostly interested in this alien flower plant. So, even though I originally was editing them like normal photos, I couldn't help switch on the funk and just roll with the sci-fi world I got myself into. I'm very thankful to keep photography as my hobby and not my income because then I'm really able to just embrace the ART of photography. Go as abstract as any brush to paint artist would. Plus, funky colored photos always remind me of my sister Rachael, so if everyone else hate these colors, at least I know she'll like them. And, that's a-ok with me.