One Year

It's official! It's been one year exactly that I posted publicly on this website! Happy 1st birthday to! I feel so accomplished to have finally open up to all of you readers out there, and let you into my little creative world. I've grown so much and still loving to learn every day with how to manage a blog, especially in this high tech world! If there's one thing I know for sure, it's now that I have a happy hold on the internet world and making my presence known online, it's time to spend the next year focusing on having MarseeMarci become a physical presence.. With my Etsy shop still going through some growing pains and being such an amazing experience learning how to sell online, I am now already working on a booth to set up for craft shows or First Fridays or wherever! I'm extremely excited and ready to have MarseeMarci in your home soon!  In celebration of that, I took quite a spontaneous trip to Valley of Fire for a solo photo trip. My original plan was just to walk around downtown Fremont and let whatever open to me.. but, as I kept driving around and loving the look of old Las Vegas especially when you start heading down toward the digit streets, I just wasn't inspired to stop the car and get out yet. So, instead I just mapped how far away Valley of Fire hour?! That's nothing! And, off I drove.  Boy, was my music loud. What a beautiful drive and it was perfectly cloudy! I was so happy not being able to see the sun all morning so I knew it would not have been hot or gross. Plus, I only had half of a B&C Camera water bottle in my car from the work day before (Follow the hashtag #BandCCameraWater and post yours up too!) so, I had to make sure I wouldn't get too dehydrated before heading to the gift shop. From there I'll let the photos do the rest!

This post is two part mainly because I'm so happy and got so inspired with Valley of Fire, but also because of what a great year it's been so, I'm posting some photos that didn't quite make it to the final post or just silly ones from my phone! Enjoy!!

This is a shoutout to my car, Oliver. Let me tell you, with my first car I had in the past (Henri) I was unable to go anywhere without breaking down somehow in the most horrible spots. Finally, I bought a new car and we can go ANYWHERE. Nothing beats having an amazing car that you have to maintain constantly in order for it to perform it's best but, it ultimately pays off in the long run. If there's one thing I know now as an adult living on the West Coast, it's to always have a good performing car.

And, that's it for Valley of Fire! Now for the "shot but never seen" stuff! I always suggest printing-printing-printing your photos! Having a physical copy of a memory is so precious and easier to pass along and share on your walls or dressers then any social media post. Plus, I've had my Fuji Instax Printer for awhile now, so I'm constantly trying to come up with new ways to display them! I just made 2 new photo holders with toy dinosaurs, magnets, some wire, clay and of course cement! (Also, coming to my MarseeMarci shop soon!)

I'm very lucky to have the best people in my life who share the same creative thought process.. plus, I have the best cat. Hello. She's always in my camera roll!