Mom & Dad

News flash! It's true. You become your parents (or whoever raised you!). You might be avoiding it, you may not even notice, but it's happening. I realized it on this spontaneous adventure day with my dad, and then back home with my mom and our cute crafting conversation. I'm both of them! I feel so old just saying it! But, now that I'm not some ratty-selfish-awkward teenager, I have so much fun with my parents. I'm proud to have the Gomez-Aguilar blood running through my veins. Good thing I bring my camera everywhere now, so I'm able to catch the best moments when I'm having fun! 

My dad noticed I've been driving around Red Rock a lot lately, so he finally wanted to join me..we were on a mission to find a lagoon that that he saw on Google Maps (turned out to be this private Torino Ranch property that had a mini lake in their back yard!) So, we ended up just walking the road and getting caught in a little bit of rain as we roamed the area! 

80's much? 

Meanwhile, my mom was getting all ready for her meeting with the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild so, obviously she wanted some photos of her and Mr. Anonymous before she left! 

Mr. Anonymous was really handing out the kisses for these photos! As we like to say in our house.."To know Mister, is to love Mister." He always has the special place in my heart for being my first pet!