Explore Under Your Toes!

Is this another blog post with flower pictures?! It is. It really really is. I found this incredible spot in Red Rock last week, and had no idea the wild flowers of these red mountains were in bloom! I am obsessed with my macro lenses on both my digital and film cameras, so I use them frequently. As an only child, I definitely blossom (pun intended!) being alone outside roaming around...I try to have, in my ideal world, that I ask friends to go out shooting and I'm just this awesome photo director and become this fashion-esque photographer..but, the truth and reality is, I'm a tree loving, flower smelling, dirt covered photographer! I admittedly can only be around a certain few people who understand this lonesome exploring, and they turn out to be the perfect match to be in some of these photo adventures. Don't get me wrong, I love taking pictures of other people! And, I love being creative and finding new ways to play with different poses.. But, my true photo zone is with those dang flowers. I must've been a flower in one of my past lives. 

So, I couldn't wait to post these images because I love them so much, but I still have a roll of film to pick up this week, so I will try to post a few of those in my next post too!