Hello 2015!!

January is almost over and I'm not ready for it! January is my favorite month not only because it's my birthday month, but also it's the time where everyone has settled down from the holidays and is willing to look at themselves on how to improve for the new year.. The goals and expectations are set high, and everyone has such a positive outlook for the upcoming months.. Well, I was no exception to this feeling!

I opened my Etsy shop only a month ago and I've already received so much positive feedback! Thank you so much for all the support and patience as I keep figuring out what more to post! And, an epic thank you to my best friend, Joy, for being my first customer. Couldn't have picked a better person to send off one of my necklaces to. (Even though you know you could always raid my jewelry stand when you're in town and take what you want!! I love you! P.S. I'm waiting for you for our Mickey D's pancake extravaganza!)

I celebrated my birthday by meeting up with my brother Matt in LA..we ate pizza, drank beer, and watched Rushmore..Nick and I hung around on the beach in Malibu, CA then to Solvang, CA, then back to LA to see Conan O'Brien live! Most relaxing time ever. Perfect way to say hi to 26! 

I traded some necklaces that I made for my friend Mel and her friends for Christmas, in exchange for a birthday cake! Which was the best birthday cake in the world. Shaped like a camera and everything! Tasted as good as it looked!

 Discovered my new favorite dish at Whole Foods (chicken curry, vegan or regular, with the pineapple fried rice. Go get some if you haven't already!) and I will be probably be spending too much money trying to eat there for dinner every night.

But finally, I have my official desk now and an order for my Canon 70D with a 60mm macro lens... any day now in the mail! I went with a crop sensor camera because I just can't get away from all the fun features the 70D has to offer, plus I'll be posting more on my blog and not so much in big printing, so it was the best choice for me.. I've been so inspired again to shoot with my camera gear, whether it's my Canon A2 or my Sony RX100ii.. I'm ready to go shooting and start filling our apartment walls with more and more images.. 

Also, big announcement. Nick will now be guest writing on my blog whenever he can to share some of his incredible creative writing skills! Apparently, I've been the only one that's been able to read or hear some of these short stories, so now I'm showing him off to the world for everyone else to read and hear too! I'm always so proud and grateful to Nick and I can't wait to read with you what he has to share! Keep a look out for his first one soon! 

I'm ready for 2015, especially since it's the year when the hover board should be coming out! In the meantime, here are some quick images from a couple rolls that I've shot while in LA and a few  on NYE on the Vegas Strip, plus a lot from my new iPhone 6 (the camera on this thing is pretty darn incredible) ! Come with me on this amazing journey of goal achieving and creative expression! Don't be scared this year! Just say yes and do it! Post about it! Send me some?? Or let's trade! Anything to support each other to be creative.