England! Paris! Oh My!

Hello my travelers & adventurers! I've been all over flying around and I finally have been able to organize my photos from these last few trips..

This post has me feeling so full..that's the only way to describe it! I went to England on September 3rd, 2014 and returned September 17th, 2014..Not only was it my first time in Europe but it would be my first time meeting everyone in Nick's family! No pressure! Nick's cousin was getting married the second weekend of being in England and we had a direct flight from LAX so there was definitely no looking back.. but, as I expected I loved everyone in Nick's family..I felt so happy and special meeting his mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, cousins, nephews and everyone in between! I feel so super grateful that they all took me in with open arms and clearly a lot of love..I hope I reciprocated the same! 

Prior to the trip, Nick had really laid down the map of our journey which included the following (in no particular order & Nick REALLY loves making maps..so, this was pretty easy for him to figure out):

Tower of London--Westminster Abbey--Kensington Palace--Shakespeare's Globe--Kew Gardens--Tate Modern--Piccadilly Circus--Ben Sherman (I used to work at the one in Las Vegas, so this was extra special to go and see!)--Covent Garden--Big Ben--Buckingham Palace--Harrods--Royal Albert Hall--Tower Bridge--The Queen's Gallery--Hyde Park--St. James's Park--Natural History Museum--Seven Dials--Abbey Road Studios--High Gate Cemetery--Neal's Yard Remedies--& King's Cross St. Pancras

Then we took the Eurostar for a 2 day trip to Paris and visited:

Notre Dame Cathedral--Pont des Arts (the amazing bridge with the love locks!)--The Louvre--Arc de Triomphe--Eiffel Tower--Palace of Versailles

So! With all of that touristy business I obviously had my camera with me everywhere! I couldn't help but to just keep snapping away.. I took my Sony RX100ii everywhere and tried to get something other than what you could find in your typical Google Image search.. but, since it was my first time there, it was pretty hard to avoid..But, I still feel so so so happy with the overall photo outcome and I am ready to share it with you! Cheers! Au revoir!