This trip!! So much to share with you guys! So, Nick turned 30!! (waaaay too old in my opinion.) and we decided to go and make the best use of our Annual National Park Pass and run up to Yosemite for 3 days-2 nights... I could go on in long detail how the trip went, but as usual I'll let the pictures do most of the talking! I will say though, this trip we were much more prepared while camping... Nick and I always tend to rush and pack in the mornings out of excitement then we forget something or we run late from our set leaving time! This time, we prepared the night before and I made some nice looong lists to make sure we were ready. We only forgot bug spray! And, boy did we pay for that! Mosquitos are crazy. 

Between the both of us we have so many photos that we took, but I posted a few of my favorites from the ones I took.. then just some at the end of the ones Nick took!  Plus! Did I mention I think I did pretty well on gift giving this year and bought him a GoPro! So, now definitely expect more Nick Cams, but more importantly..more Twiggy Cam... !! 

During our first day of camping we noticed our campgrounds had an amazing rock garden! People just keep adding more to all these balancing rocks! One was even taller than me! 

On the day of Nick's birthday, his only request was to bike ride through the forests of Yosemite and enjoy everything outside! Which that was pretty easy to accomplish in Yosemite.. I am also a huge fan of eating whatever you want for your birthday..one of my best friends knows I sure do love pancakes during my birthday week, so I decided to give the same treatment to Nick only filled with his favorites! I got him his cinnamon bun for the morning, some pizza for lunch and finally after our hot dogs and s'mores for dinner I bought some mini cupcakes with his candles to blow out.. Healthy eating went straight out the door! But that is what is supposed to happen during birthday week! 

For this one I played around with a little color..can't help myself!

Some parts looked a little sad..Yosemite tends to have a few natural wildfires a year from lighting strikes and sometimes they just let it burn out to keep nature at it's purest state.. it was still a little strange to see toothpicks for trees.. 

This was from our second night camping.. I've been really interested in astrophotography so I took some time to play around! We were sleeping right under the stars and trees. 

I'm a sucker for quick editing on my phone as well as on my laptop.. there are some seriously good apps out there! 

This is Nick taking an underwater selfie with his GoPro for the first time.. Probably my favorite photo ever. 

Oddly enough this last picture was on the way to Yosemite...soooo I'm not sure who they're missing with nothing but desert behind it! but, I love and accept it... 

And, thats it! Yosemite is for sure on our "Trips to Take Once a Year" list now! It was so beautiful.  Until next time Yosemite!