Water Lovers

This post gets me so excited that I'm actually at a loss for words on telling every detail of our mini vacation! But, I hope these pictures will do all the talking for me! It was so beautiful.. I definitely took advantage of all the water Lake Havasu provided us and swam before the sun even came up on Thursday morning! It was so peaceful and I will definitely add it to my list of places to go every summer from now on! (With these photos I was switching back and forth from my camera and my iPhone!)

Once Nick and I finally forced ourselves to walk away from the beach for awhile and go into town, we were able to really go check out the London Bridge! The visitor center and all the little buildings around it were inspired by England, of course! and although I was super excited to see the cute shoppes, I told myself how even more amazing it will be when I see the real thing in September! So, for now, I got a little taste and I especially loved seeing how happy Nick was feeling like he was back around home again! 

On the way home, Nick took a little detour route to stop by Willow Beach, AZ! We were caught up in some rain on the road! but, it was still very beautiful to stop and see another secret spot so close to Vegas! 

And, finally I have to mention our Lake Havasu campground neighbors! I woke up early (before sunrise!) Thursday morning and while most of the COUGH younger people COUGH were still sleeping in, I noticed an older gentleman, who I overheard being called "Grandpa" fixing his daughters boat..Now, while I'm not the first person to strike up small conversation, I always appreciate it when someone is friendly enough to do so first.. to make a long story short, he offered Nick and I some breakfast once Nick woke up...we accepted and he made us amazing breakfast burritos! (So amazing it didn't require any ketchup OR Tapatio! and, let me tell you, that's a rare moment for a little Mexican like me.. ) needless to say, I have noticed with my old (tender) age of 25, that there are definitely moments where I am supposed to only listen.. Conversations are usually made to be shared and have fluid back and forth sentences, but what Alfred had to say was only meant for listening.. He is a cancer survivor who was only given a few short months to live, but who absolutely refused to let it bring him down... we were talking to someone who has now lived years later due to stem cell transplant and to someone who said he had an after life experience by seeing himself on the surgery floor and fighting the urge to go into the big gates of light.... Needless to say, I was very moved, humbled and completely inspired by his story... And, while normally I would walk away and just leave it at that, I knew this blog has been giving me more courage and more chances to be creative..so, even though I walked away the first time, I turned right back around and asked for his permission to take his photo so I could remember and post about it here forever.. Luckily he said yes! and, he was my first portrait of someone  who I just met.. I was of course a little nervous, but I hope I captured his spirit in the photo to make him proud... Thank you Alfred!