Color Changing

Sometimes I have to admit while I'm in the moment having experiences, my camera is not always turned on.. I go for the one or two shots and realize to myself, wait a minute, this is something I want to experience full on! And, any event with fireworks tends to be that kind of moment.. I get soooo excited with the booms of color and the smell and that every single person around me, old or young, are just in awe with their faces constantly being lit up and changing with the colors too.. 

So this year my two cousins, Nick and I went to the Moapa Paiute Travel Plaza of Las Vegas and watched all the illegal fireworks go off allllll night! Their line to purchase fireworks is open 24 hours and you're allowed to basically walk out in an open field and blow them up for anyone to see! And, even though they do have a set time for a firework show, they continue to go on one after the other, after the other, after the other, anyways! It's the absolute best and you can never look away. 

These were the only shots that could sum up my experience!