You Can Call Me Green Beans!

Today has been such an amazing day! Friday the 13th! Full Moon! A happy black cat named Twiggy! And, one big adventure! 

I didn't realize while taking my photos today that most, if not all of them, had a hint of green in it! I had my gold Toms on and was ready for the good $$$ vibes to come my way! I knew I was about to document something big, but wasn't sure what it was just yet! 

   This incredible group of anonymous people have started a generous scavenger hunt all throughout California.. I told my best friend about it who lived in Echo Park, but he was working all day, so he unfortunately missed out.. But, since the moment I read about it, I just knew they'd make a pit stop in Vegas! And, I was right! They go by under the name @HiddenCash and have been all over the news leaving little hints of where you can find money in small envelopes! Or sometimes in other things like bottles of bubbles! And, now they are working their way across the US and even in some other countries! 

I know it might sound crazy, but I really had a gut feeling that they were on their way to a nearby park! And, as an only child, it's like I've been born ready to take on some the best adventure alone! So, I woke up, 10am (a little later than I would have to wake up for work, for good measure, on my day off!) sprung into my car and got my coffee to give me the energy I needed! I really knew today was about giving back, so I went ahead and paid it forward to the car behind me and paid for their coffee too! 

Then came allllllll the waiting! I texted my boyfriend and best friends in California and Germany that I was just going to sit and relax at this one particular park all day..SUNSET PARK.. Because I just knew it was bound to happen there! And, turned out, I was right again!! It was worth the wait! I only drove away to eat something as I was anticipating the clue between 2pm-3pm Vegas time! 

Then finally! The tweet came in!!

"@HiddenCash--1st (of 2)Vegas drop:come to this park to see day turn to night, and giant birds fly. Between tennis and b-ball courts.Green area. 16 in all"

So, I raaaaannn! Then noticed other people running from no where! And, more people and more people! It was so much fun! I heard "I FOUND IT!" all around me, but I kept persistent. 

Finally! I was the one yelling "I FOUND IT IN A TREE!" and while I was in the middle of taking my shameless selfie, another kind stranger appeared and offered to take my pic for me! Phew! 

Definitely a day I will never forget! So, don't forget to pay it forward!! You'll never know who's heart you could touch and what could happen next!! 

Green straw & my music! 

Sunset Park has multi-colored rocks in their roundabouts! I just happened to take the picture with the green ones! 

Ready to explore! 

Hanging with the birds! 

Eh, not the bluest water in town, but it works for the birds! 

Pretty much had too much fun watching all the birds today! 

Got a chance to swing for most of the day! Definitely one of my top favorite things to do. I really felt like a little kid all over again!

I didn't get a chance to photograph all the amazing people that came running out, but maybe it's just a memory I am supposed to keep with me! Like my grandpa always said, take a picture with your eyes and you'll never forget.. So grateful for the little adventure that I had and I can't wait to pay it forward some more!