Seasonal Beginning & Changes

It's interesting living in Las Vegas because I have never grown up with actual seasons.. It gets wickedly hot in the summer, then an instant transition into mild colder temperatures in the winter..and, yet outside of my apartment there has been this one little bush that's been stubborn and slow into transitioning.. It's rained, there's been extreme heat, gusty winds, weird fog and an occasional dog that likes to mark it's territory as it passes by (Ha!) and yet it's still changing at it's own pace..some leaves have fallen off, some have changed colors, and most are still green and hanging on....somehow this little shrub reminded me of myself...I've been steadily building my brand, building my name and figuring it all out in 2014 at my own pace.. Even with any sort of obstacle or weird expectations, I've stuck to my own timeline. And, finally on December 8th, 2014 (one month before my birthday!) I've been able to open my own Etsy shop, have a website to call home base, and amazing followers, like you, to support and motivate me every single day! So, thank you! I'm so so so excited to see what the future brings!